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Press addressed to all our loyal customers:

We, too, in these difficult days "will stay at home." In order to limit the possibility of infection in accordance with the limitations imposed by the government in relation to the coronavirus we have given up for now the seasonal reopening of the store and participation in markets.

Please note that we took very seriously the situation that we are living on the emergency that our nation is facing in these difficult days and confirm the Our total availability to support, advise and reassure all those who need it.

We are operating as usual always , all our activities will be conducted without interruption or restriction with all the tools at our disposal, phone , chat, email.

There are many requests received in recent days regarding updates on the normal operation of logistics services in Italy and in Europe .

Limitations on Coronavirus causes transport and forwarding:

The government has specified and containment policies in place do not preclude the smooth movement of goods and implementation of logistics activities throughout the national territory and abroad .

However, the volatile situation could cause delays in future days or mild disruptions that we will be ready to work out how to be our habit.

We would like to then reassure all our customers knowing that our shipments will be made regularly that in case of changes, unexpected or communications will be our pleasure to intervene or report in order to rapid resolution and for any need we are at your side even via Whatsapp

So contact us always, even to simply be reassured!

We are here for this and it is always a top priority to make our presence even if we are at home with an old pair of slippers, while wanders cat around us, a child claims his share of attention or asking the dog to not bark.

In the hope that the storm to pass as soon as possible, as always renew our total availability.

Sara and Andreas

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