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Bracciale tre api
Bracciale tre api
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three bees Bracelet

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three bees bracelet. The three Napoleonic bees produced 925 barcciale mounted on a two-tone, red and white L ' bee , the symbol of industry and emblem of the Merovingian dynasty, was chosen by Napoleon as imperial coat of arms. In fact, during his exile to Elba, he decided to posit three on the flag to call the people to ' unit and link with the' Empire . These animals found themselves in the imperial city signs that enjoyed a privileged relationship with the king. But the bee symbol as a sacred animal has far more ancient origins; In fact in the ' ancient Egypt , where they believed that the' bee was born from the tears of the god Ra, was an example of drag and dare for man. The Greek legend about the birth of Zeus says that the father of the gods had been brought up with the golden honey , and that once he became an adult he thanked his mother turning it into for Greek be immortal and revival power . So wear a bee, gives great life and divine strength


My stopover is fixed every time I go...

My stopover is fixed every time I go to Elba... For the second time I ordered online. Very fast delivery... original and perfumed packages with a welcome gift of incense! Perfect items! Thanks for everything!

Iale - 16/05/2020
Everything is perfect

Thank you for the very welcome gift.

Claudia 15/05/2020

Fully satisfied with my...

Fully satisfied with my... And the well cared for packaging with incense as a gift! Thank you very much indeed

Valentina - 11/05/2020

Very sought-after products and excellent...

Very sought-after products and excellent shipping service! A lot of attention to the customer!

Valentina - 08/05/2020


Punctual shipping despite the difficult time, produced to live up to expectations. I recommend it.

Linda - 07/05/2020

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