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OM - il suono primordiale - Bambulé ?

What does Bambulé mean?

Often I hear "look at the Bambulé" when people pass by our shop or in front of our booth at a trade fair.

What success? What did they see? What does Bambulé mean?

An object representing the OM (aum). But why do they call it Bambulé?

The Shivaites (followers of the Hindu deity Shiva) say they use to call it "bolenath" when they light a chylum (a form of pipe) to honor their Lord Shiva (bolenath). In my opinion some Westerners didn't understand what they were saying and turned it into "bambulé".

The association of the OM symbol with smoking did the rest to make the OM the Bambulé. A name often used by children.

IAum, usually transliterated in Om (ॐ), is the most sacred symbol of Hinduism, the primordial sound, synthesis of every prayer, ritual or sacred formula. It is a sign charged with a profound symbolic message: it is considered as the primitive divine vibration (Pranava) from which the manifest universe originated; it therefore represents the metaphysical basis of all existences, the embrace and fusion of all nature in the Last Truth.

It is used as a prefix (and sometimes as a suffix) in mantras, and in almost all prayers of the Hindu tradition. It is mistakenly referred to as Bambulè by some western Shivaite sympathizers.


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