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My stopover is fixed every time I go...

My stopover is fixed every time I go to Elba... For the second time I ordered online. Very fast delivery... original and perfumed packages with a welcome gift of incense! Perfect items! Thanks for everything!

Iale - 16/05/2020
Everything is perfect

Thank you for the very welcome gift.

Claudia 15/05/2020

Fully satisfied with my...

Fully satisfied with my... And the well cared for packaging with incense as a gift! Thank you very much indeed

Valentina - 11/05/2020

Very sought-after products and excellent...

Very sought-after products and excellent shipping service! A lot of attention to the customer!

Valentina - 08/05/2020


Punctual shipping despite the difficult time, produced to live up to expectations. I recommend it.

Linda - 07/05/2020

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